Thursday, 14 August 2014


Saturday 4th October 2014




Spectator Tickets; $13.00

Family Ticket 2+2: $40.00

Children’s Ticket:$10.00

“Jumping Castle Provided”


Tickets are electronic so you do not have to print or retain a copy

Your name is your proof of purchase on our report


All Wods released 3rd October 2014

Welcome to the CFWX Throwdown blog

Athletes will enter as an individual but also as part of their affiliate/group.

All competitor and spectator tickets are to be bought and paid for online.

There will be NO DOOR SALES.
All athletes who enter and are not associated with an affiliate will be grouped under the name “All stars” and have the same rights and chances as an affiliate in the team final.
You MUST be a paying member of a coaching group or affiliate to enter under their name.

Competition will be on a rotational basis.

There will be male and female individual winners from each event with an overall male and female winner. This will come from collective scores from all events.
All athletes whether scaled or rxd are eligible for points.
A male and female Team final will be held.

Two Males and two females from each affiliate/ all stars will compete in these finals

The men and women will be made up from the top four from their affiliate / allstars after the individual’s wods are finished

Winners as follows

Male Individual: 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Female Individual: 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Teams Male: 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Teams Female: 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Competition Schedule

 0800: Doors Open (Green doors, mountain side)

0815: 0915 Registration / Check in

0930: Athlete brief

1000: 1st Wod

11.00-1400: Rotation Wods


Please note registration process does take time. 

Allow for queueing time.

Do not leave your check in to the last minute.

We will start on time regardless.


Each athlete will in order.





Then move to the next Wod

This will be the same all day


Please check your ego at the door.

Even though we know this will not occur we need to remind everyone that tantrums, swearing at others, arguing, whinging and negative behaviour will not be tolerated and this will be the end of your competition for the day.

Whilst we and you strive for perfection on the day, this is not always possible. Rest assured we have done our best.

1. Our main aim with the THROWDOWN is to provide an enjoyable, friendly competition where fellow crossfitters can get together and have a great day.

2. All athletes will be required to judge their fellow competitors.  Please remember what type of judge you like to have so you can be the best judge for someone else. Judging requires concentration and we ask you be supportive and helpful. 

Friends cannot judge friends.   

Athletes from the same box cannot judge each other. 

3. Any dumping will incur an automatic “no rep”.  Regardless of the piece of equipment. From skipping ropes - rower handles

4. Drummond Williamson (CF42s) is head judge. All concerns and complaints regarding judging will be directed to him and only him. Only Drummond will liaise with head scorer - Nick Dwyer All other affiliate owners and head coaches will be supervising each workout area. They are there to ensure movement standards are upheld, questions are answered and most importantly that you are supported during judging and woding.

5. It is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with all movement standards.

6. Have a great day.
Any queries please email  

OR phone/text 0418 506 411


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